Advocacy Associates is a boutique advocacy communications firm catering to the association market. We help our clients implement citizen-based approaches to achieving policy change at the local, state, or federal level. Advocacy Associates specializes in highly customized solutions designed to address the individual needs of our clients – no cookie cutter approaches allowed.

Our Advocacy Philosophies

We help our clients achieve advocacy success by adhering to five political truisms.

Citizen Participation
Citizens have an amazing ability to make a difference in the political process – they just need to know how.

Association Engagement
Associations offer tremendous opportunities for giving citizens the tools they need to speak out effectively on policy issues.

Authentic Passion
Astroturf lobbying is not only unethical, in the long run it is completely ineffective. The legitimate passion and enthusiasm of individuals is what makes a difference in the policy process.

Quality Grassroots Communication
10 personalized communications will have far more impact than 1,000 form letters. Period. Advocate networks should be built on this principle.

From townhall to Washington, DC elected officials and their staff pay attention to the people they represent. It is true that all politics are local. Our role is to help our clients identify those local leverage points and use them to their advantage.