Advocate Training

Having lived the life of a Congressional staff person and lobbyist, Stephanie Vance, the Advocacy Guru at Advocacy Associates, knows how difficult it is to get elected officials to pay attention to your policy issues– much less get them to do anything about them. That’s why associations and businesses around the country and around the world have asked Stephanie, the “Advocacy Guru,” how they can “work the system and beat the odds” when it comes to dealing with government.

Stephanie always tells it like it is: with humor, flair and a charming “down-to-earth” attitude that is sure to win your audience over. Her most frequent compliment? “Hey, I wasn’t bored at all.” How many speakers on “effective advocacy” can say that? But don’t believe us: believe those who’ve seen her before (click here for a complete set of testimonials).

Each of these topics can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. We also offer day-long training sessions which combine elements of these training sessions for a comprehensive, personalized, and integrated learning experience.

We’ve trained advocates in all 50 states on how to be more effective – and we’re ready to help you! Some of our favorite topics include:

How to be an effective advocate

How to build long-term relationships with legislators and their staff

The differences between education, public relations, advocacy and lobbying

Why Washington, D.C. is so frustrating (and What to do about it)

How advocates can be engaged in electoral politics (during election years)

How to put together a winning site visit

How to attend a town hall meeting

How to use social media tools for effective advocacy

How to work with Congressional staff

How to develop and deliver effective messages

Follow-up and persistence ideas

How to “make the ask” (and why it’s important)

How to research your legislators before connecting with them (and why you should)

How to build effective coalitions

How to train others to be effective advocates