Smart Growth Reporter

Along with our Keeping an Eye on Washington services, Advocacy Associates offers affordable subscription-based access to information vital to local Smart Growth organizations. Smart Growth Reporter coverage includes news and analysis of funding decisions and grant opportunities related to key transportation, housing, community development and environmental programs. Smart Growth Reporter is a tool to guide your organization through the appropriations process, and help monitor key regulations and grant opportunities.

The Smart Growth Reporter offers two products, which can be purchased individually or bundled together at a discounted rate:


Budget & Appropriations Insider

Budget & Appropriations Insider will provide your organization with in-depth reporting and budget data to help your organization navigate through the complex federal appropriations process.  The Insider subscription includes:

  • Quarterly, analytical reports on the inclusion of smart growth policy in the federal appropriations process
  • Regular alerts on appropriations bills for the Department of Transportation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency, which encompass the major federal sustainability programs
  • Customized charts detailing specific funding allocations for key programs with comparisons to historical changes

Grants & Regulations Watch

Grants & Regulations Watch is a vital subscription to any organization trying to ensure compliance with new regulations while staying ahead of the competition for grant opportunities.  Don’t let your organization miss an opportunity to impact the shaping of smart growth policies. The federal bureaucracy is a complex and ever-changing element in community decision-making. The Watch subscription will include:

  • An up-front report on the status and details of federal grant programs, major smart growth regulations and selected non-governmental grant opportunities
  • Alerts to regulatory changes, new proposed policy guidance, funding availability and  award recipients
  • Online access to an always current list of open notices and grants


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