onlinecoursethumbnailOnline Courses for Advocates

Need to keep your advocates engaged year ’round? Need to provide those super stars with advanced content? Want to start up a “micro certification” program? We can help! Advocacy Associates can build a customized online course just for your organization. Your advocates can learn to be effective while sitting at home in their pajamas and bunny slippers! Price range depends on level of customization & number of advocates. Special discounted prices for contracts signed before 12/15/2016.

Each course is self-paced and can be customized for your organization’s issues. Download more information about topics covered in each course here. Class is available on an ongoing basis and will be updated every year for a license fee.

Note that we’re able to offer a limited number of classes at a time. If you’d like to be sure you’re providing your advocates with one of these courses, secure your slot today!