Creating Resources for an Emerging Grassroots Network

The National Career Development Association asks:

Can Advocacy Associates help us create resources for our emerging grassroots network?


NCDA was traditionally an association that solely provided academic and professional development resources for its members. Around the association’s 100th year anniversary, NCDA looked to build a grassroots network to advocate on career development issues. The association had no prior experience in grassroots advocacy.

Advocacy Associates Strategy

Advocacy Associates stepped in to develop online advocacy resources for the association’s members to access via the NCDA website. We developed the advocacy resources to provide two services to members, advocate training and policy guidance.

For the advocate training, Advocacy Associates drafted materials to educate NCDA members to effectively communicate with their legislators. These materials include How to Find Your Elected Officials, How to Conduct a Congressional Meeting, and Tips for Following Up. The documents are available on the new government relations section of the NCDA website.

For the policy guidance, Advocacy Associates worked with NCDA’s government relations chair to identify the association’s policy priorities. Advocacy Associates used NCDA’s policy priorities to determine what active federal legislation impacts career development professionals on a daily basis. The legislation is now listed on NCDA’s website and members can now advocate on specific bills to their legislators.


Today, the online advocacy resources are a prized tool to NCDA’s grassroots. The association’s members have become better advocates that are able to effectively communicate to legislators on NCDA’s priorities. Many members of Congress have responded to the grassroots’ letters, emails, phone calls, and meetings.