Supporting Government Affairs Programs

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials asks:

Can Advocacy Associates provide us experienced support for our government affairs program? We are in need of immediate assistance.


NAHRO lost a staff member right before their busy season—FY14 appropriations and the annual conference. With no time to hire and train a new employee on the appropriations process, their policy issues, and advocacy techniques, NAHRO needed to fill that position immediately with someone who could hit the ground running.

Advocacy Associates Strategy

Advocacy Associates stepped in to provide both part-time in-house staffing and a wide array of resources to enable NAHRO to maintain its presence in Washington and expand its grassroots advocacy program.

Advocacy Associates does not believe in the “hired gun” strategy. We provided NAHRO with an in-house staffer three days a week with existing expertise in appropriations and housing policy, established relationships with NAHRO’s partner organizations, and experience leading grassroots campaigns.

Additionally, Advocacy Associates gives NAHRO access to the Advocacy Guru, who provides grassroots expertise through in-person trainings, webinars, and a wide array of “how to advocate” material to share with their membership and help take their program to the next level. NAHRO also benefits from the expertise of Advocacy Associates partner, Jason Jordan, who provides legislative and grassroots campaign strategies, along with years of experience working with associations to get results in Washington.


The transition from a single government affairs coordinator to a team of experts has been virtually seamless. NAHRO received support throughout the appropriations process, has made significant progress on its legislative priorities, and its members have benefited from a variety of trainings.