Legislative Monitoring and Reports

Advocacy Associates offers issue-specific legislative monitoring to ensure that you and your members have the most current information on your policy issues. We provide updates, analysis, and inside intelligence on a customized web site, giving you key information on legislation and policy issues as they happens. We also provide newsletter and blog content, analytical charts and infographics, social media support, and action alerts for you to distribute to your members.

Our services include:

  • A detailed analysis of legislation that will impact your members. We identify bills to watch, prepare in-depth summaries, attend hearings and mark-ups, and monitor Capitol Hill chatter so you have a complete understanding of legislation from initial introduction to final law. We also compile an easy to read chart containing basic information about the bills we are tracking for you, making it simple for you to monitor the progress of your legislation through Congress.
  • Current information on grant funding possibilities and proposed rule changes. We closely monitor Administration proposals and the Federal Register for new programs, proposed rules, regulation changes, and notices of funding availability that could be critical to your organization. We also prepare comments on proposed rules and regulation changes to guarantee your voice is heard by the decision makers in Washington.
  • A full understanding of the federal budget. The federal budget process is confusing even to those who have followed it for years, but with our expertise, you will sound like a seasoned appropriations veteran.  We provide detailed analyses of the President’s budget proposal each year, any budget resolutions proposed by Congress, individual appropriations bills, and all the continuing resolutions and omnibus bills in between. We also provide comprehensive information on how the Budget Control Act, sequestration, and tax debates may change the landscape for your policy issues. Through comprehensive customized charts, we provide you with years of budget information that demonstrate trends and allow you to easily understand the fiscal climate shaping your policy issues. As the tax and sequestration debates rage in Washington, we will help you understand how revenue sources and spending cuts could impact your issues.
  • Tools to keep your members informed.  One of the biggest challenges in Washington is parlaying inside the beltway knowledge to advocates in a way that keeps them engaged and informed without overwhelming. Advocacy Associates makes this task easier by providing you with material that can  be sent directly to your members, including newsletter content, action alerts, and social media posts. Materials provided are written for an “outside the beltway” audience and are reflective of your organization’s editorial tone.
  • Intelligence on policy issues, legislation and appropriations garnered from our network of policy coalitions and other relationships. You will benefit from the experience we’ve gained and the relationships we’ve forged over the years. In Washington, these relationships can help get things accomplished, and we can put you ahead of the game by ensuring that you work with organizations that are also influential on your issues.
  • Strategic advice on how to advance your policy agenda. We’ve worked in the field for years, and we can help you develop a comprehensive action plan to ensure your voice is heard and you see results.