Help for Existing Advocacy Networks

Advocacy Associates also provides:

Advocacy Program Analysis and Recommendations

Because our team works with so many groups around the country, we’ve seen the best (and worst!) of what an advocacy program can offer. Using our 360- review process, we can develop a detailed analysis of your program as it relates to other similarly situated organizations and, more important, prepare an action plan for improvement.

The Advocacy Footprint

An Advocacy Footprint will help advocate leaders understand where they have the most constituent-based power—and where they need a little boost. Our team will map your advocacy network and match the results with key legislative leaders. Need to know if you’ve got members in a particular Committee chair’s district? Or if you have advocates able to connect with legislative leaders?  Our footprint can tell you.

Grassroots Fertilizing

Sometimes, your grassroots need a little, well, fertilizing. Through online training sessions, toolkits, motivation programs and the like, the Advocacy Associates team can help your grassroots advocates feel a little more inspired — especially when the legislative process has got them down!

Advocacy Website Refresh

Wondering about all the many tools out there designed to help your advocates connect with legislators?  Not sure what information is needed to motivate and engage members?  Having trouble keeping your Twitter versus your Facebook straight?  Advocacy Associates can help with our website refresh program.  We will work with you to update your existing site to make it more useful for your members — or even help you set up something new!

Advocacy Toolkit

Our customized advocacy toolkits are designed to provide advocates with the resources they need to achieve change. Toolkits are available on a range of topics, including the basics of effective advocacy, conducting a site visit, working with the media, starting a local advocacy campaign, and building long-term relationships with legislators.

Advocacy Articles, Newsletter and Books

Advocacy Associates frequently provides content for our clients’ newsletters, either customized articles based on current events in Washington, DC or pieces from our Article Vault that have been altered to meet the needs of our clients.  In addition, we have been able to license sections of our various books and other resources for customized use by our clients.  So don’t write all that advocacy materials yourself! Ask us how we can help.  Chances are we’ve already written something on your topic.

Grasstops and Coalition Development

If you’re thinking of enhancing your grassroots network through the development of a grasstops or “key contact” program — Advocacy Associates can help! We work with groups to identify existing grasstops advocates within an organization, develop new ones and assist in the process of developing and managing coalitons.