Securing 99% of Requested Meetings

The Alzheimer’s Association asks:

Can Advocacy Associates schedule at least 99% of requested congressional visits and help us prioritize our meetings with Members of Congress? We want to make our lobby day more effective.

Advocacy Associates Strategy

The Advocacy Associates team began scheduling meetings on Capitol Hill for the annual Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum two years ago. We continue to work closely with Association’s staff to identify their goals for congressional visits and make them a reality. For the four weeks prior to the Forum, Advocacy Associates sent personalized meeting request letters to congressional offices, followed up with phone calls and emails, and maintained a focus on procuring meetings with Members of Congress whenever possible. In the event that the legislator was unavailable to meet in person, Advocacy Associates set a meeting with the appropriate staff person.


In 2013, we scheduled over 350 congressional visits for their advocates, of which over 30% were meetings with actual Members of Congress.