Providing Advocate Materials and Collecting Scheduling Data

The ALS Association asks:

Can Advocacy Associates provide uniform materials for advocates who schedule their own congressional meetings and collect scheduling data for our records?  We need assistance


The ALS Association is comprised of state chapters who schedule congressional visits for their entire state, culminating in an Advocacy Day in which their members meet with close to every congressional office.

Advocacy Associates Strategy

Advocacy Associates used their one-of-a-kind scheduling database to collect meeting details from state chapters and provide centralized data and reporting to the ALS Association, including a comprehensive list of all meetings sortable by state, time and meetings with actual Members of Congress.

The Advocacy Associates team was also on-site to provide advocates with printed itineraries for their chapter’s meetings, providing a uniform look and feel to their materials. In addition to their printed itineraries, advocates were given access to our Stress Free Lobby Days App. Our app gives participants the ability to view their schedule and check for updates, map to congressional buildings, take notes about their meetings and find answers to general questions on Capitol Hill logistics.


ALS Association State Chapters submitted meeting details for 480 meetings to Advocacy Associates. Hundreds of advocates were able to refer to Advocacy Associates for schedule details and updates. The ALS Association received detailed reporting from Advocacy Associates as well as meeting notes advocates submitted to the Stress Free Lobby Days App.